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Welcome to the beginning of setting yourself free from the depreciating dollar.  Here at Karatbars we are not in business to sell you anything.  I want to share with you a free gold savings account that will allow you to preserve buying power by simply replacing some of your paper money for pure gold.

Gold holds its value unlike paper money.

Is your dollar bill worth as much as it was 5 years ago?

Will your dollar bill be worth as much as it is today 5 years from now?

Then why do we continue investing our hard earned labor and time into something we know is losing its value at a great rate?

Gold has been around for thousands of years and has only increased in value.

At Karatbars you can open up a free exchange account and start purchasing small increments of gold at a time to preserve the value of your work.

You have nothing to lose and everything to save!

And if you share this concept with others and they also sign up for their free account and begin exchanging dollars for gold you will be paid for your efforts.  It is that simple.


Sign up through my link and lets get started on preserving your money.


Paul Thigpen

Want to make some mailbox money?  I can email the forms you can print out and mail in to get started.  Also, there is an opportunity that is put on auto pilot for you and they even do all the mailing for you!  Check them out and get in where you fit in!  Good luck and see you at the top!

Email me at thigpengroup@gmail.com and in the subject line put "Mailbox money info"